Lift TMZ 50/30


This towable lift, self levels with hydraulically deploying outriggers which can be deployed in 25 seconds when deploying the riggers simultaneously.

The self leveling unit allows for ten degrees of leveling capabililty. The alarm will not sound unless the lift becomes more than two degrees over level.

This built in tolerance resistance reduces “nuisance tipping”, common in other trailer mounted booms.



■ 17.2 m working height
■ 15.2 m platform height
■ 9.1 m horizontal reach from pivot
■ 7 m horizontal reach – from edge
■ Turntable rotation 359° non-continuous
■ Articulating jib has 135º working range
■ 1.65 m platform length
■ 76 cm platform width
■ 2 m stowed height
■ 6.7 m stowed length
■ 227 kg lift capacity
■ Machine weight 2,200 kg
■ Large 25 x 25 cm outrigger footpads
■ AC wiring to platform
■ Parking brake
■ Horn
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